Sunday, May 20, 2018

Stericksburg's Status 2018

I posted way back in 2016 about the then-current status of Stericksburg

What about now, wondered Rick Siebold in a comment.

Much of that post is still accurate. But a few things have changed, so here is that whole post copied, pasted, and edited to reflect the current status of Stericksburg.


Here are the availability rolls for equipment, broken out by section. Every point the roll is made by is an additional one of that item for sale. On a critical success, there are effectively unlimited items of that specific type or twice margin of success, whichever makes more sense. You may make one roll per session for the entire group for a given item. Characters with in-town bonuses can make those rolls for other players, but this does mean the one rolling must stay in town, engage only in normal town behaviors, not learn additional spells, etc. as you're spending your time shopping with your buddy.

Mundane Gear: Freely available.

Armor and Weapons: List items are freely available. Custom and prefixed gear is available on a 15-, 12- if it's an odd combination or multiple-prefixed, and as low as 6- for really specific combinations ("I need a Fine Dwarven Balanced throwing axe with a backspike, both Silvered"). You can always special order custom weapons and armor. Custom armor assumes you're staying in town - no getting fitted out for a suit while you're living out in the woods.

Most ammunition is available in unlimited quantities, but special ammunition will be limited based on a 15- roll and provides (2 x margin of success) rounds of ammunition of that type. On a critical, ammunition is effectively unlimited.

Special Items: Most "specialty" items are available on a 12-. If not, you must special order them. Orders take 1d weeks to arrive. Rush jobs are more expensive but possible.

Magic Equipment: Special order only. Normal enchantment times apply, plus delivery time for special orders. Rush jobs cost twice as much, but can be done in a single day - assuming Black Jans is in town and he (assuming it's a he) reacts well to your request.

Chemicals and Natural Concoctions: Unlimited.

Poisons: Monster Drool is unlimited. Others are available on a 12-.

Potions: Most potions are available on a 12-. Minor Healing, Major Healing, and Universal Antidote potions are available with no limit on quantity.

Scrolls: Common scrolls - most spells from DFRPG - are available on a 12-, 9- for charged or universal, 6- for both. All are available for special order.

Power Item Charging: As listed. Overcharging power items is available.


Raggi Ragnarsson: Available on a 9-. He's had a very tough go of it, and this has drained his funds a lot - and recent delves have not been profitable for him. His enthusiasm for Felltower is waning. On a critical failure he's gone for a long duration - typically 1d months - before he can be found again.

Black Jans: Appearance is a per-session roll, never modified by anything! This is a specific exception to the rules. Roll frequency is secret, and made by the GM, and varies based on other circumstances. All visits require a Reaction Roll, also done in secret, and the results of the visit depend highly on this! Bonuses or penalties depend on what the visit is for. Visitors are strongly advised to be polite, be careful, and to only approach Black Jans when other resources have been exhausted.

Hirelings: Normal availability per DF 15. Relatively few veterans still live. Those that do can be sought out on a 9- as specific hires.

Volunteers: Available on a 6-. No one has had sufficient success to get world-be "part members" to just show up and sign on, especially since the pay assumption is "tips."


Because someone has been asking about learning to make Power Items, casting spells for cash, working in town to build up money, and so on:

Jobs: As always, there are just enough jobs out there that pay equal to your upkeep. You can always take a job instead of your one week's upkeep cost for downtime, but this precludes any extra in-town rumormongering, shopping, special orders, etc.

Otherwise we assume you've been working at a net-zero income job for most of the time you were off, paid one week's upkeep yourself, and been able to shop, learn spells, recover from injury, hit the sack early for an early departure on delve day, etc. Examine this too closely and it might break down, so don't do that. It's Dungeon Fantasy, not Papers & Paychecks. And if you really want to make your own Power Items, it's a 75 point Power-Up. It's not worth it in this game, but it's your character.


  1. Nice callback to one of the more amusing cartoons in the original DMG. :)

  2. I hope Larry makes his Triumphant Return sometime now that he has outlived Hasdrubal

    Meeposians also are favorites

    Has anyone used caltrops?

    Can you use a Dwarven whetstone on caltrops?

    1. Ha! I forgot that Larry’s nemesis is no longer alive. Let’s get Larry back!

  3. Thanks for a helpful post. Since it looks like the PCs in my Whiterock game might actually return to town someday soon, this reminds me that I need to do a similar one.


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