Friday, May 25, 2018

Group size growth

I was just doing a quick tally of who might play at our next Felltower session.

I came up with probably 8 or 9 out of 11 active players.

When we started, we had what I felt like was a pretty solid group - 5 players.

Out of the original five, two still play, with one being a regular and one being irregular at this point. One is inactive, the other two have basically ceased to play entirely.

In the meantime, we've added nine more players. Nine! That doesn't count one guy who played for a bit and then dropped, a tryout that didn't really work out, and another player who though he'd have more free time to play after he had kids. Heh.

We even have a standing request from one player to bring in a friend of his. But the group is so big I'm not sure I can really handle another addition, no matter how good of a fit he'd be with the group. I keep telling one of my players I'd love to have his wife back playing with us, and I would, but again, we're quite a large group as it is. Her coming back would be a) fun and b) a logistical challenge.

I'm planning on hosting game this summer a few times, and I'm not exactly sure how I can do it. I'd potentially be able to fit twelve people into a room that doesn't hold twelve standing, and have a table to play on for when we bust out the excellent GURPS tactical combat rules. I'll manage, somehow. I think.

While so many games seem to die off from lack of commitment, this one just seems to keep growing no matter how horribly I skew the table against the PCs and how many horrid . . . things . . . I paint up and deploy in front of them.

I feel like this is pretty solid proof that I'm doing something right - with our group dynamics, even if not with the game. I'm happy how things worked out.

I just need a big, dedicated gaming room in the next place I live. A really big one.


  1. I know they don't all show up every time, but I find it amazing that you can handle such large groups. I prefer not having more than 6 players, out of fear that if I have 8, all 8 will show up at once one week, and I won't be able to keep track of them all / give everyone enough screen time / make turns move fast enough.

    1. I've always figured the more the merrier, since the chances of quorum are far better

      On the rare occasions all show up it can be exciting though

    2. I don't really fret screen time. Everyone gets whatever attention their character needs, and the situation demands. Over time, everyone is involved, and people are very invested in how everyone else is doing. So it's not something I really think about.


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