Saturday, May 5, 2018

Those are Death Brains, Honey

Actual conversation with my spouse:

S: "What are those things? (pointing at some of my Reaper Bones minis)
Me: "Death Brains."
S: "Are they famous characters?"
Me: "No, I named them Death Brains. I don't know what the company that made them called."

Having a miniature Inspector Zenigata on my desk didn't earn me anything, either.

Turns out Reaper calls them Mind Eaters. Either way, my players didn't like them.


  1. Am I allowed to say "Intellect Devourer" without violating a copyright or trademark or something? They're kinda cute.

    1. Sure you can. I didn't base mine on those, though. I just based them on the mini and the name, which was a throwaway name in a DF book somewhere along the line . . .


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