Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Losing your first character

On Sunday, Dave the Knight, aka Dave the Crippler, was cut in half by a black reaver.

As deaths go, that's a good way to go - killed by the single most iconic Rolemaster monster. He wasn't killed by a lucky hit by Random Goblin #3 or bashed to death by the orc standing one hex away from Konk Chopgroin.

Still, losing your first character . . . it's been decades since that happened to me but I never enjoyed having my characters killed.

It's just a paper man, but as paper men go - it was the player's first.

Honestly I can't even remember the first character death I had. I probably didn't take it well, I was in 4th grade. Dave's player is right about that age.

What I think is good, though, is that:

- no one end-zone danced or rubbed it in. He died, we said too bad, we moved on.

- no one suggested undoing it. Dead's dead, rules are rules, the dice dictated the death.

- he died after making a clear mistake in a decision. It wasn't just bad rolling, it was a bad decision that set him up to make another bad decision.

- he and his dad immediately began discussing what template next, not poor old Dave the Crippler.

Still, losing your first guy. I don't even remember how mine went. I don't take it too well these days, I can't imagine I did it better in the past.

And we'll see what he makes next.


  1. There are entire games where no PCs die

    And I don't mean no death or no combat campaigns.

    I mean actual dungeon crawls where the GM is too afraid to kill PCs.

    I think Dave's player has a chance to be more grown up than some other players.

    1. Good point. I'll tell his dad to check this post for your comment. Maybe telling his son would help.

  2. Loosing your character is rough.

    New reader here. I was a GURPS fan waaaay back in the day, played a little 2nd and 3rd ed. I have been very, very curious about DF, so reading a lot of your back posts too.


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