Tuesday, May 22, 2018

If you haven't stopped at the Tavern lately . . .

I am too busy to write a really solid post, but I am still looking and reading.

Erik "Give me 22 minutes, and I'll give you a post" Tenkar has put up a few worth looking at.

Interested in what ever happened with the Gary Gygax Memorial statue and fund?

Gygax Memorial Podcast part 1

Want to see what my default go-to class is? (Hint: Human fighter.*)

and this patch makes me think we need a Powered By GURPS magnetic car decal.

* Okay, that's a bit more than a hint.


  1. I hate 'class based' systems... but if forced to play in one, I go for the 'Skills Class', so in D&D parlance, Thief/Rogue.

    However so far in DF I've made a Sage/Agent, a Wizard, and a 'Barbarian' Wrestler... so, I'm not really wowed by the DF Thief...

    1. In GURPS, every "class" is potentially a "skills class." So the thief doesn't stand out as distinctly.


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