Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Barbie's dreams

Here is our GM's writeup of Barbie's dreams, which I covered in slight detail in last session's summary.

1) Barbie is in the desert, and knows instinctively that it's the 1940s. He is present at an above-ground atomic bomb test, behind a wall with a window in it -- a "safe" place from which observers watched the explosions. He's with a woman who is very pregnant - ready to give birth any day it seems. (He doesn't get a good look at the woman, noting only that, evidently, she's not hot.)

2) Barbie is in an engineering lab at a big midwestern university, watching a man in (or near) his 20s poring over some blueprints. Based on the man's clothing and the machines around him, it looks like it's the early to mid 1960s. On the blueprints are the schematics for an "ultra-tech" device of unknown purpose -- it's very clearly too advanced for that year. The man is nondescript and looks a little like a young Donald Sutherland.

3) Barbie sees a massive ultra-tech city, by the looks of it based on technologies much more advanced than those in the blueprints from the previous scene -- it's from farther in the/a future? The city might take up the better part of a continent, or even the planet.

4) Barbie is in another engineering workshop, this one more advanced than the university he saw before. The same man -- in his 40s, maybe -- is performing repairs on an android, a Mark V by the looks of it.

5) Barbie sees the same man, but much older -- he looks like he could be in his 70s. He's in what is immediately recognizable as one of the 20th Homeland Defense bunkers, like the one you all woke up in. But in your case, you saw little more than a room of cryo-pods and an armory when you selected weapons and gear. In the case of the old man, the bunker looks like it's dedicated to something "official". Communications? Headquarters, maybe. Barbie doesn't get the sense that the man is of any particular rank, but he's clearly important.

6) Barbie is with the old man again; it's not too much later. He looks the same age, his 70s, but he looks haggard and tired, as if he's experienced something traumatic. He's outdoors in what looks like a desert, with three younger people whom Barbie takes to be scientists of some kind. The old man and his colleagues are surrounded by soldiers in 20th Homeland uniforms, but slightly modified. (First and foremost, they wear white armbands.) They also have rifles that look more advanced than the ones you guys had to choose from when you woke up in your Van Buren bunker. The soldiers are pushing the old man along at bayonet point, and Barbie gets the sense he (and his people) are being exiled, or left to die.

7) Barbie is on an observation deck in an advanced orbital shipyard, watching an "ultra-tech" starship being constructed. (It's hard to gauge how "advanced" it is; it's definitely not 21st century, but it doesn't look as exotic as a ship that would be native to the planet-wide city from the previous dream.) The same man is there, but his age is indeterminate -- he looks odd, somehow "changed". The ship isn't very far along, in terms of being built. Barbie can see that it's called 'Terra Nova'.

8) Barbie is in a medical lab -- the technology looks similar to the life-pods in your 20th Homeland bunker. This same man is there again, looking like he's in his 60s now, but this time he'd suspended in liquid in a "Rejuv Chamber" (which when Barbie describes it the rest of you will recognize from the medical facility in which they've been living). The Chamber's medical lab is in slight disrepair; the power is on, but no one seems to be using it. (Even so, the Rejuv Chamber is in good shape and the man looks alive and well.) Most notably, the lab is overgrown with massive tree roots that come into the room through the walls and ceiling.

Apparently a point in Meditation would help him recall more. I hope to convince Barbie to do so. And I think we need to find that guy.

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  1. you should find a residence with good Feng Shui to facilitate this meditation. You could call it "Barbie's Dream house."


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