Friday, June 29, 2018

What next in Gamma Terra?

The other day after game we had some discussion about what to do next in Gamma Terra.

It's been a while since we played, due to a combination of factors. But one of them in us not knowing what to do next.

With a handful of the players around, we had some useful discussion.

We left it at:

- we want to loot that factory. To do so, we need androids.

- we want the Princess, the big floating cruise ship.

- we want to take all of this cool loot home with us.

To do that, it seems like the plan is:

1) Tell our allies we'll provide some androids.

2) Go back on Sweaty aka Warbot and get some of those droids (or send Sweaty back to get them with one of our absent PCs, and bring back Barbie with them along with our new player's new PC.)

3) Find a way to peacefully - hopefully - evict the Little Thieves from the factory.

4) Get the factory running with our androids.

5) Clear the cats off of the Princess.

6) Trade off with the Fit to get someone to help fix the Princess.

7) Load up the Princess with all of our loot, the cars from that lot, the bots we make, etc. - and head back to base.

8) Decide what's next.

Should be doable, right?

We'll see.

I'm not sure when the next session is - probably August - but we've got a rough plan, now, which is far more than we had in the time between last session and now!

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