Saturday, February 16, 2019

Busy Writing

Since I spent my spare time today writing for pay instead of blogging for fun, I figured I should put up an update on my writing projects:

New DF Book - the is preceding well. I'm a bit behind where I expected to be, but mostly it's a matter of putting in the time to catch up. It's all either written already but in totally non-SJG format, or it's formulated in my head, with only a couple of exceptions. Those I know what I want to do with but the words haven't fully formed up yet.

New Quick Project - I was asked to knock off some short material on a tight deadline. It's SJG work, again, but I can't even hint what it is beyond that. But it's going to take up the rest of my free time this weekend. Not because of length but because I've got only a bit of it.

Basically, I've paused one, despite it being a bit behind where I want it to be, to do another one. Then I can get back to the original project.

I really do miss having a schedule that had me working early, and then home most of the morning. That's my prime writing time, and the loss of that has really put a cramp on the amount of words I can get out. Still, my non-gaming work is significantly better than it was before (and I get to teach a lot more martial arts) so it's a good overall tradeoff. But the times when I used to have my creative juices really flowing are now occupied by other work.

And yet since I so often draw on my Felltower game for inspiration and ideas, I at least get to conflate game prep with paid writing - or at least paid writing brainstorming. Pro Tip, one you could have learned from Gary Gygax back in the day with Greyhawk - write based on your own games. It's a great time saver, and the playtesters are the dead PCs of your gaming buddies! Hurrah for future zombies!


  1. "New Quick Project"

    Monsters for DFRPG Monsters 2 confirmed! (heh)

    1. Heh. I'm definitely not doing any monsters for DFRPG Monsters 2.


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