Saturday, February 2, 2019

How many minis do I have?

Spoiler alert: I don't know.

But this came up the other day. A friend of the family paints models, and we once got to talking about minis and models when he saw my King Tiger.

"How many models does Peter have?" came up in discussion. I wasn't there.

I really have no idea. It's got to be between 500 and 1000 at this point. I can't imagine it's higher; I just haven't bought that many.

I've got about 100 orcs.

I've got at least three times that many human types, maybe more. Maybe more like five times or so?

A few dragons.

A couple dozen demons. A couple dozen dwarves (I even have a dozen of the same dwarf minis, thank to Bob Huss.)

Skeletons? At least 50 assembled, plus sprues to make half again more.

Plus bugs, apes, snakes, barbarians, horsemen, 100 Years War soldiers, gods, demi-gods, halflings, gnomes, a drider or two somewhere, wizards, ninja, samurai . . .

I least I've thinned out the ogres, but I have some 1/72 tanks. And a few boxes of Airfix 1/72 model soldiers that I don't even count.

I could take them all out and count. But that's a big chore just get a number. Although it might help me keep track of what I still have . . . and for you Marie Kondo binge-watchers out there, yes, they all bring me joy, even the cruddy one I painted so badly when I got started again. And I've got room for Bones IV in a month or so.

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