Thursday, February 7, 2019

GURPS DF supplement writing update

I'm still working on that GURPS DF supplement I mentioned a while back.

Here is a brief update and some hints:

- You've seen elements of this book in play in DF Felltower. Not a surprise, I'm sure.

- Some bits of the writing involve elements from a previous, non-DF game that inspired my own DF game. And some of the monsters in DFM1. They haven't all been encountered in Felltower, but they are there or are accessible from there.

- I'm a little behind schedule on writing. Not behind SJG's schedule, but behind where I expected to be. Since our next game is GT, not DF Felltower, I should have a little more time to write this week. I intend to use it to catch up to where I think I need to be - another 2000 words ahead (or at least formatted properly) of where I am.

- The real trouble, as always, is ensuring I'm putting my oddly phrased notes and shorthand rules writeups into SJG's format and into readable, useful English. And just like the last sentence, this can involve too much passive voice and near run-ons.

- Once that's all done, poor Sean Punch has to edit it. This will result in a lot of rewrites and corrections, but I think my oddly phrased English is getting more and more odd. I already regret how much time I will make him spend on this.

- There is a definite Felltower theme going on with this book, and I'm enjoying that very much. That game has brought me many hours of fun. I'm hoping this book brings some of that fun to other people's GURPS games.

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  1. Hey, if you need a pre-Kromm editor for your prose, I have a journalism degree and know the SJG format. And there are other candidates that are at least as good.


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