Saturday, February 9, 2019

Preparing for Gamma Terra

Tomorrow is game day, and we're up for Gamma Terra.

After a fair amount of discussion, based on real-world and game-world concerns alike, we settled on exploring "Unknown #2." I can't locate it on our map:

Or on these.

Our reasoning for seeking out "unknown #2" are mixed.

"Uknown #2 is in the UP, and Softie can take you there. Her scans see a structure above ground of decent size, and her GPR (which she will admit is not great, though it was enough to detect your subterranean medical lab) sense something much larger below ground - maybe another buried facility of some kind, purpose unknown. (Her pre-war databases indicate that there was nothing of particular interest in that part of the state...) " - andi jones, our GM

That sounds pretty interesting. Unknown #1 sounds cool, too, but it's outside of Softie's area of operations. So that's probably soon but immediate.

Real-world, some of the areas we have special interest in - not the least of which are The Arsenal, Ottawa, and following up on Barbie's weird visions, somehow.

But two of those - The Arsenal, and Ottawa - will take a significant amount of prep time for the GM. So much so that it possibly would have pushed game back out weeks or months.

And also out of game, exploring subterranean locales full of danger and loot is fun. I really like doing that, with swords and shields or with SCAR-Hs, Will-powered lasers, and Torc Grenades.

In game, it's easy enough to justify Unknown #2.

It's within Softie's range, so we can approach it quite safely. We still can't figure out when Softie can actually engage anything. She's basically been more like stealthy transport than what I visual a warbot being like. But even so, it's useful to leverage her as transport. And it's also really useful for us to hit long-abandoned and unexploited (maybe) locations.

As an overall strategy, my/Hillbilly's goal is to free the rest of the 20th Homeland and get them set up as a civilizing force. We'd be the sharp point of the spear for that force. Also, we'd ideally deal peacefully with anyone we can reasonably deal peacefully with. But also I'd like to vacuum up all of the pre-Shadow Wars tools we can - weapons, medical gear, etc. So small places we can effectively explore and exploit are well worth doing now, before our actions make doing such a little more difficult. You know, like when we get into a big war and that takes dozens of sessions and impinges on our opportunities until it's won.

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