Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Tanks & Historical Battles on YouTube

I'm steadily running through some video series on YouTube, mostly brushing up on history or just enjoying myself hearing things I mostly already know.

This blog is mainly about RPGs, but it has a small but important sideline of talking about tanks. If you want a good tour of tanks, weird and famous alike, check out the "tank chats" from The Tank Museum in the UK.

It starts with #1 and the A-13 Cruiser, and they start out very short. As they go on they generally get a bit longer, which I like.

You can skip right to the Tiger I, featuring that Tiger you saw decapitate some poor schmuck in Fury, but then you'd miss total freakshows like the Praying Mantis or a tank with a searchlight for a main "armament." I'd love to see more details on the hows and wherefores, but what they do is quite good.

If historical battles are more your speed, BazBattles has a nice series. I'm a bit unsure of his pronunciation, after seeing his Sengoku Jidai series. "Imagawa" is "Ee-mah-gah-wah" not "Ee-MAH-goo-ah" so I'm not sure the others are any better. But it's helpful to have a visualization of battles even if it's a reasonable guess not a certain depiction.

It's enjoyable stuff. I figured I'd pass it one since it's what's occupying part of my time that I spend not blogging.


  1. To expand on the tank front, you can also look for "Inside the Chieftains Hatch". The presenter there is a National Guard tanker and employee of He goes and looks at various historical tanks and talks about the exterior and each of the crew stations (from said crew station)

  2. Thanks Þorkell I'll check them out. They've come up as recommended but I hadn't watched any of them yet.


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