Thursday, February 21, 2019

Short Posting Break / Writing Update

I'll be taking a break from posting until, most likely, Monday 2/25. I'm finishing up some writing, and I have a professional certification this weekend that requires a lot of my attention. I simply cannot assure myself of time to post, so it's easier to just come out and say I won't.

As for writing, I've finish and will shortly submit my short writing project. Hopefully I'll be able to reveal what it is soon.

I'll get back to my longer, due-soon writing project as I can, which probably also means next week. I don't want to rush back into it, as I need the bonus for Time Spent on my Writing skill.

For GURPS-y entertainment in the meantime, go watch Doug's Kickstarter and keep hitting F5.

1 comment:

  1. And even if you don't reveal what you've been working on, I'm sure all will come to light soon. [insert dramatic chord here]


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