Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Google+ falls - it has no effect! (?)

Or does it?

As far as I can tell, the impending doom of Google+ should not affect this blog.

It may cost me my Followers list, but I don't think that's a Google+ followers list. We'll see.

I don't use G+ for comments. I tried that, very briefly, and hated it. So I should be good there.

We lost the actual value of +1 a while back, once they made that about sharing and not feedback on value.

Honestly, I only used G+ because Google forced me to have a profile and use it. I used it to spread the word about this blog, but I didn't do too much chatting there. After a while, even sharing posts because routine and I stopped adding anything to them, and I finally just left it automated and didn't engage at all.

My only real concerns are hidden integration, and Google deciding that Blogger needs to go.

But if you see something broken on the blog, or the loss of G+ affects something that you use or that I link to, please let me know on this post. This will be my place to check for blog issues resulting from Google jettisoning G+.


  1. it's sad because G+ was a great content aggregator where people with a particular hobby could find others with the same hobby.

    The social media aspect wasn't great, but then again, social media is very bad for you.

    You're on my blogroll so I get to read all your posts :)

  2. I liked the communities that sprung up on G+ and on the whole they were friendlier places than on Facebook. And I liked the interface better than Facebook for communities.

    But I prefer people's long form thoughts, so the resurgence of blogs is something I hope continues.


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