Sunday, May 5, 2019

Updates to the Felltower Files

I made a few updates this morning as part of my blog bookkeeping for Felltower:

- I added the Lesser Flame Lords to the Monsters Encountered page. I did not add the giant fire elementals (I don't sort them on size, just type) or the killer sphere, since it wasn't encountered in any real detail-discerning way.

- I edited the Known Gates page to reflect the results of the last session, including discovery of a new gate and scrying of several mis-identified gates. Also, of realizing that one "gate" was in fact not a gate at all. It behooves delvers to check thoroughly - plans to deal with the "water gate" were useless because it's a magical pool, not a gate.

There are a lot of "tag end" areas the PCs can explore, now. Just off the top of my head:

- Beyond the repelling doors near the crystal lenses;

- the tunnels down the "Orc Hole;"

- the door beyond the iron golems;

- the chained double doors;

- the orichalcum doors;

- the door beyond the black reaver;

- doors and tunnels near the Lord of Spite's "apartments;"

- eight open gates (Olympia, Forest, Icy, Fire, Jester, Air, Lost City, Jungle);

- the new GFS down;

- the "beholder level" - accessible by sinkhole, pit, and stairs.

They have varying levels of challenges - certainly fighting orcs isn't as dangerous as fighting a beholder - but there is a lot to do.

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