Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Painted Goat Men

"Give us the Horse!"

Ah, yes, some Doralissians seeking the legendary Horse of Shadows.

Or some generic beastmen. Me, I like the Alexy Pehov "Chronicles of Siala" books enough to see these guys as the doltish but persistent Doralissians. They came out tabletop quality, and I hope to find a reason to deploy them.

They won't last, because they have eyes, and PCs desperate to hit Dodge-happy monsters tend to stack up their offense to unstoppable levels, but regardless . . . they'll be fun to use.


  1. Eyes are nice and all, but so often enemies are close enough / big enough / homogenous enough that extra bow skill is just a waste, that I haven't really gone for raising skill for pulling off eyeshots that much

  2. Oh and ordered that book now!

    1. Enjoy! I really, really like that series. It's well done. I wish I read Russian so I could read everything the man wrote.


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