Thursday, May 16, 2019

We go to the lands of the ice and snow: DF Cold Weather Gear notes

Last session in Felltower, the group found what's been dubbed the "Icy Gate." Mostly because it leads to a land of ice and snow, it's ice-bound, in a freezing room, and beyond big metal doors that are themselves frost-limned.

So you can see why it picked up the name.

If the PCs go beyond it, what is around for icy weather gear?

It's getting on Summer in Stericksburg, but it's been a cold, wet spring full of owlbear attacks, so it's reasonable to expect you can still go right out and get some cold-weather gear.


Sleeping Furs (p. 23) are required for camping successfully.

Tents (p. 23) are also a great idea, even if Weather Dome is available.


Arctic Clothing (p. 16) This is a must-have. The old "Dryst will use Create Object to make us some!" is a risky choice. It beats plain-old Winter Clothing (p. 16) with a stick; it might be overdoing it but it might not be.

Camouflage Clothing (p. 16) is also a good choice.

Yurts (p. 18) would be a solid upgrade from tents, but they're heavy and special-order.

Skates, Skis, and Snowshoes (p. 18) are worth looking at. Snowshoes would probably be the best choice for the area just past the gate.

DFD Barbarians

Polar Beer would be a an interesting choice, to reduce damage from friendly-fire flame attacks. However it's not commonly sold in Stericksburg. So that's two strikes right there.

Beyond these sources, magical support would be very important - Resist Cold, Warmth, fire spells (for offense and fire-starting), Water Vision, and Weather Dome can be delve makers or delve breakers.


  1. I don't know that they're available, but if the PCs need some extra hauling or faster transporation, Low Tech has dog sledges, and I posted some options for rigging carts for winter operations with skis and waterproofing.

    1. I didn't include that because hauling such into the dungeon, to the gate entrance, is prohibitively difficult.

    2. I did not consider the logistics of getting a sledge to the gate...

      There are also snow goggles in Low-Tech, too. Otherwise I think you've got everything covered.

  2. "I didn't include that because hauling such into the dungeon, to the gate entrance, is prohibitively difficult."

    That's what a charged scroll of Create Animal and Create Sled are for...

    1. A charged Druid scroll of Create Animal might be doable. They have Create Object already. The cost will be high, though, for what you get - and that sled will need constant contact to exist. And they'll almost certainly need multiple sleds. There are probably cheaper solutions . . . and ones that depend less on mana and circumstances than spells do.


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