Friday, May 3, 2019

Misc Notes for 5/3

Tough week for business, but I got some stuff done and things to chat about.

- I'm mostly sorted through Bones IV. I have a couple of maybes. Some of my players want some of the minis, so I'll just give them along if they want them. Gauth might be one of them. Still, I'd be happy to trade for any of the monsters - ogres, trolls, apes, griffons (if that's what that is), owlbears, etc. and I have a lot of assorted stuff to get rid of to do that. Some Bones III leftovers, too.

- I've got several Bones IV minis painted or partly painted already. I work quickly when minis are needed for game. Yet I'm so lazy that Crogar isn't finished yet.

- I handed in some requested text for my book. I am looking forward to a playtest-ready document soon. And a playtest. Hopefully I won't have to use the "but it's supposed to be stuff from my game, and that is how it is in my game" bludgeon too often. Heh.

- I think Joe wants his book.

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