Saturday, May 18, 2019

Tomorrow: Felltower

Tomorrow is Felltower.

I did not do a lot of prep today.

Saturday is a day when I do some last-minute prep, but honestly I never get a lot done the night before. What's ready Friday is 95%+ of what gets run on Sunday. Saturday just isn't a day that's very productive for me thanks to the amount of other things that go on - it's a busy work day for me, for starters, and a training day.

That said, I did get a lot of minis repaired (old, fragile ones) - in case they use the Forest Gate.

I piled up some minis prepped for the depths of Felltower, in case the PCs delve deeper instead of wider.

And I did set up more orcs, in case I need to deploy my new ones to guard the Orc's areas from hostile delvers.

I'm busy hassling the group to make a decision, so I don't have to pack all three - it's tricky to bring all of this. I do really need to establish my own playing place so I can just keep everything stored safely and to-hand at all times.

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