Friday, May 17, 2019

On the minis workbench - orc sword-to-flail conversion

These guys aren't so much WIP as they are workbench projects:

These are Black Tree Design orcs. They originally held swords, but I've cut off the blades and have been boring out grips to fit some morningstars I cut apart from Warhammer Chaos Marauders (or maybe Chaos Warriors, I can't tell them apart offhand.)

I needed more sword-armed orcs not at all - but I could always use more flail-armed orcs since it's a very effective weapon in GURPS.

They've been a slow project as I find it hard to drill out the grips, but they're slowly getting done.


  1. Swords are nice because they can parry by default and some flavors of swords can hit reach 1,2

    This does not help orks?

    1. It doesn't help me; I love plenty of sword-armed orcs. I need more morningstar-armed orcs.


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