Saturday, May 4, 2019

Adding to my dungeon ape collection

For no reason except for the fact that I like killer apes, especially killer apes in dungeons, I ended up with a bunch of killer ape minis.

My Bones IV collection came with a trio of apes, two of which I got right down to painting. They're not hardly done, but I had to get started on these guys as soon as I could:

I guess they'll make good Juggernaut or Determined apes. They're certainly a bit oversized. I figure by the time I'm an old man "Heroic 28mm" will be life-sized. ;)

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  1. By the time you're an old man... by the time you're an...

    Why, when I was your age† we didn't have no "Reaper Bones", we had to make do with lead or really expensive pewter and we liked it! We'd trudge uphill, in the snow, both ways to our FLoGS every thursday ("fresh lead day" we called it!) to see the new crop of heavy metal slugs the miniatures companies were foisting off on us. Most of 'em looked like they'd been set under a not lamp too long, all vague, no real detail, but we'd buy them anyway ("The detail is in the paint!" we'd cry as we extolled the virtues of an all lead miniature diet versus the cruddy inferior unalterable pewter). And these little pocket heroes were beastly heavy. Why when I finally sold all mine off a few years my house stopped sagging on that side!

    But they made or broke your game back then, none of this new fangled "mind's eye" nonsense! We were sensible "look at the board!" players and GMs, if your fig didn't represent, you didn't have it. Your Paper Man's metal mini doesn't have that plate armor you just found? Too bad! best get a new mini by next week just in time to find different, betterer armor!

    Ah those were the days, no snot-nosed youngins with their 'plastic is better for the environment" crude, look kid, this metal was done dug up from that 'enviroo-ment', won't hurt it none to go back there! And it aint; going back! it's staying right here in my minis crate with all the others!

    Oh, hey you never did see a two-foot long red dragon mini before did you, let me just get the dolley and I'll wheel it's box to the table...

    † Like what, eight years ago?


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