Sunday, November 22, 2020

NJ Gamer Humor

The is Galen's Roll20 Macro in action:



  1. Snerk.

    But seriously, what is Galen still doing all the way down there at a mere 32 skill? ;)

  2. I will gladly (and gleefully) take credit for that silly, silly macro. It makes me laugh every time.

  3. The song lyrics are funny but this is better used as an example of how bad Roll20 dice are. On a d6 the minimum and maximum results will occur 2-in-6 times, or 33%. Counting the highlights in those rolls, he is hitting the minimum or maximum on the die 78% of the time! Statistically this is a small sample, but it is pretty out of line for what should happen. 9 rolls only had 3 faces showing out of 6. This is extremely common in my experience with Roll20 (we have a weekly D&D 5E game that has similar peculiarities with randomness).


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