Friday, November 6, 2020

Friday Links & Thoughts 11/6/2020

Random stuff for a Friday.

- Surprise, you're playing Metamorphosis Alpha.

A Metamorphosis Alpha Tale – What The Heck Is This Dungeon?

- CRPG Adventures completed Ultima (aka Ultima I) and, as requested, reported his victory to Lord British. On Twitter, to Richard Garriott.

Utima: Victory!

- Power Score looks at Half-Orcs. I have to admit, I felt this line from Volo's Guide seemed a little too . . . gamey . . . to me.

"...orcs mate with non-orcs only when they think such a match will strengthen the tribe."

Only interbreed to strengthen their bloodlines? Seriously? There isn't a single Don Juanorc with an interest in the human side of the side? No Barry Whiteorc? No Wilt Chamberorc who'se racking up 10,000 victories on the battlesheets of love? They're just a bunch of cold eugenics breeders? Yeah, right. It falls flatter than the "rape only" implications of earlier haf-orcs.

- What are reviews for?

What do reviews of role-playing games do?
I put in a comment, which basically says my reviews are just highlighting things I like or giving you more information. And that when someone says something is objectively bad/not fun/etc. I take it with a grain of salt.

- Sunday is Felltower, and the "what do we do?" posts have begun! I'm not paying too close attention, because my current work schedule no longer leaves me any signicant prep time except the Sunday before game. So by the time my players start discussing what to do, there is no time to prep anything if they have a sudden neat idea. So it goes . . .


  1. My favorite Half-Orc story to date...

    Teen-age Half-Orc Barbarian and The Tragic Backstory

    Teen-age Half-Orc Barbarian vs The Frost Caves

    Teen-age Half-Orc Barbarian RAAAAAGE!

    1. Or this, yes:


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