Saturday, November 28, 2020

Computer problem - fixed!

I spent a good chunk of the day on my computer issue. I think I've solved it - by copying my personally useful files off of my user profile to a new one, then deleting the original, then re-creating the original, and moving them back, and then deleting the new one. That seems to have worked. It took a lot of work and lot of different tries to fix it, though. I wish I'd tried this earlier in the process, but it seemed reasonable that a problem centered on explorer.exe was with that, not with the user profile. It just goes to show that you can let yourself get deceived by reasonableness plus an unwillingness to back off and look at the problem from a larger perspective. It's a useful lesson for RPGs, too - if you focus too much on the issue right in front of you, you can miss the larger issue that's causing that smaller issue. You have to re-center yourself and look at the problem from a new angle.

As a result of all that computer futzing around, I did basically nothing gaming-related today - just reinstalling video games, reinstalling GCA, and otherwise getting my machine going again. I'm not sure how I corrupted the user profile, but clearly I did . . . and thank goodness for the one guy who solved a similar issue by doing so.

I did keep myself occupied during the updates, reboots, and waiting through rebuilds by (finally) starting to watch the entire series "The Vietnam War" through end to end. I'd seen the first three episodes a while back but didn't really get a chance to see the rest, as I'd lacked a TV at the time and couldn't see them online. Now my situation has changed and I have access to them.

Watching this has really cemented my interest in getting Fire in the Lake, even if I don't have someone to play with just yet.

I'll wait until the price drops a bit. I've found some reasonably priced copies of 1st edition eBay, but it's 2nd edition I want (why play with errata to unwind?) and I'll wait on that one.

Felltower is next week - but I have some Felltower updates for tomorrow, if not the one everyone wants (who won the fight?) since that's not nearly done yet.

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