Friday, November 13, 2020

Random Links for 11/13/2020

- Tenkar is going to pay for S&W articles. Time to brush off one or two of my half-finished ones and sell them at $0.05 a word. If I write quickly, I might earn what I do training people. Heh. But still, for RPG word, that's a good rate!

- Diseases in GURPS get a look over at Mailanka's blog:

Noboby Takes Resist Disease

I'll note that in Might & Magic I (and II), disease means when you rest, you lose HP instead of gaining them - and thus can't heal naturally. That could make a useful wrinkle on the excellent disease setup in the article.

- Doug writes about a specific combination in some detail. It's amusing how often the answer is, "It's in GURPS Martial Arts." Yeah, we did good work. Kromm did most of the bits people point to, including me, but hey, I helped. Heh.

- This blog has really extensive articles on military topics, with pictures.

So as of 2017 at least, North Korea is fielding year 1942 variant T-34s? Guess so.

ISIS had a tank unit with a repair/customization shop, complete with good decisions (camoflauge!) and bad decisions (putting reactive armor on track skirts!)

You can see every major piece of hardware lost in the recent 40-odd day war in Nagorno-Karabakh. Lots of T-72s bit the dust from drones, apparantly.

- I endorse this kind of approach.

On Magic Weapons by Racial Background

I do this with cultures and races, when possible, so there is a lot of distinctive gear around and you can start to make predictive guesses. I probably should have codified it a bit earlier in Felltower, but it's meant to be a hodge-podge with no sense of a "culture."

- My news feed popped up a Vice article on wargames which includes a nice picture of men and women in NYC playing Fletcher Pratt's naval mini wargame.

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