Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday Links 10/27/2020

This will be short today, as I've been having some computer issues and chose to solve them tonight . . . so I have no time to post. I'd blamed Windows 10 except it's working fine on 2 of my 3 machines, and badly on another.*

- These Japanese B/X D&D covers are really very Japanese and very anime. I don't think I've seen them before, or shared them if I had. It strongly resembles that Wizardry anime, ne?

- Dragon body parts as loot. Way ahead of you there, although even I was late compared to the first . . . I recall people coveting dragon-scale armor back in my elementary school AD&D days.

- I passed on every single sale this year for Black Friday. The only thing I was eyeing was Fire in the Lake and the two places I was looking, the price went UP on Black Friday. Nevermind.

* Basically, explorer.exe keeps crashing, it locks up when I click on "Open With," it frequently goes extremely slowly, and icons and images show blank very frequently. Even a full system reset was to no avail. It reset fine, and then within 45 minutes of that, while I was slowly trying to build my apps back out, it started again. I'm trying System Restore now but I do not hold out any hope as I suspect an update is clashing with something else on my system, and I can't tell which one. Suggestions on fixes are welcome but I may have tried it already, as I tried everything I could find at least twice each before going for a soul-destroying "reset."

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