Sunday, November 1, 2020

Felltower NPC: Varmus the Hanged

This is an NPC from DF Felltower. He's the ally of Aldwyn Hale and he's built with the 125-point Apprentice template from Dungeon Fantasy 15: Hirelings

Varmus the Hanged (135 points)

Varmus is a skinny, reedy man with a long beard and a raspy, terrible voice. He keeps to himself, generally, and invokes the technical letter of the law whenever possible to avoid situations he'd like to get out of. Or just to be difficult - it's not always clear. He recently lost some ST and gained Unfit and Wounded (Torso) after nearly being bisected by a giant and Resurrected on the cheap.

ST 9 HP 9 Speed 5
DX 11 Will 14 Move 5
IQ 14 Per 13
HT 11 FP 12
Dodge 8 Parry (Staff) 11

Quarterstaff (12): 1d+1 (swing) or 1d (thrust) crushing, Reach 1,2.

Traits: Disturbing Voice; Greedy (12); Magery 3; Night Vision 3; Skinny; Unfit; Wounded (Torso)

Perks: Mystic Guidance (Fireball).

Quirks: Distinctive Feature (Eyes reflect light like a cat's); nsists his stomach can only tolerate elven rations whike traveling; Legailistc (Obeys the *letter* of the law); Pyromania (Mild).

Skills: Alchemy-12; Body Sense-5 (default); Climbing-10; Fast-Draw (Potion)-12; Gesture-14; Hazardous Materials (Magical)-13; Hidden Lore (Elemental Lore)-14; Innate Attack (Projectile)-12; Meditation-12; Occultis-14; Philosophy (Magism)-12; Psychology (Elementals)-12; Search-12; Staff-12; Stealth-10; Thaumatology-15; Writing-13.

Spells (all skill 15 unless otherwise noted): Apportation; Counterspell; Create Fire; Detect Magic; Dispel Magic; Essential Flame; Extinguish Fire; Fireball; Fireproof; Flame Jet; Flaming Weapon; Heat; Ignite Fire; Iron Arm; Itch; Lend Energy; Mage Sight; Missile Shield; Pain; Rain of Fire; Recover Energy; Resist Cold; Resist Fire; Resist Pain; Shape Fire; Spasm; Warmth.

Equipment: Backpack, Small; Boots; Elven Rations (x3); Heavy Leather Corselet; Leather Gloves; Leather Helm (Full Face); Ordinary Clothes; Paut x2; Personal Basics; Potion Belt; Pouch; Power Item - 5000 sp gold necklace, 18 FP; Small Knife; Staff (with Staff spell); Wineskin (gallon of water).

Notes: Has $150.30 to his name.


  1. He's a good man and he's good at what he does. Plus Aldwyn really needs somebody of a swifter mind to save him from his own gullibility most of the time.

  2. They need to do a better job of protecting him, a stiff breeze is a mortal foe!

    Any chance of posting the late Brother Ike?


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