Thursday, November 12, 2020

Modifying Loot-Based XP to Encourage Risk-Taking (Part II)

Continuing my thoughts of the other day:

Modifying Loot-Based XP to Encourage Risk Taking

Here are three more ways to encourage more exploration and risk-taking using DF21's loot-based XP system.

1) Remove the 20% threhold reward. Currently, if you get 20%-99% of your XP-based loot theshold, you get half of the loot XP - 2 points.

With this approach, you get rid of that. It's all or nothing - 0-99% of your loot threshold means 0 xp. 100% means 4 xp.

This means that higher-point delvers really must go deeper. Scumming for lesser loot in the higher levels of the dungeon, especially those picked over, will likely result in a 0 xp delve - 0 for exploration, 0 for loot.

2) Tie in exploration (version A). You must earn at least 1 xp in exploration of new areas to get 4 xp for loot. Otherwise, you get 2 xp.

3) Tie in exploration (version B). You must earn at least 1 xp in exploration to take advantage of the 20% threshold reward. You do not need exploration to get 4 xp for meeting your loot threshold.

1 and 3 seem like they have some potential.

1 comment:

  1. I think #3 is best. It encourages pushing on exploring even if they have low loot, because they can at least hit 20%, whereas a terrible loot take in the first half means they either need to go hard in the second half (very risky for no guarantee of reward), or fall back and do clean up of old "areas with no rewards, but stuff we thought might open new areas in the future, etc" (no reward, but vastly mitigated risk and it checks off boxes).


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