Sunday, November 15, 2020

Felltower DF NPC: Brother Ike

By request, here is Brother Ike. Hjalmarr Holgerson bought him as an Ally, but sadly Ike died twice - the first time he was Resurrected, and the second time he was torn into shreds by a ravening eye and, at -10xHP, was dead permanently.

Brother Iklwa Juma Deswayo N'Zinga

Brother Iklwa, aka Brother Ike, is an acolyte of the Good God and is part of a brotherhood dedicated to Saint-in-Waiting Buyya Duad, the Thrice-Martyred. He was hired as a personal cleric to Hjalmarr Holgerson, who, upon each of his deaths, became increasingly more religious. He sought guidance from Brother Ike for his spiritual lessons.

175 point Initiate (see DF15)

ST 10 HP 10 Speed 5.25
DX 11 Will 13 Move 5
IQ 13 Per 13 BL 39 lbs.
HT 12 FP 12
Dodge 9 Parry (Axe/Mace) 11+DB Block 11+DB

Knobbed Club (13): 1d+1 cr; Reach 1.
Mallet (12): 1d+2 cr; Reach 1.

Traits: Charitable (12); Clerical Investment; Combat Medic 2; Energy Reserve (Holy) 5; Power Investiture (Holy) 4; Resistant to Disease (+3 to resist); Sense of Duty (Coreligionists); Vow (Chastity); Vow (No edged weapons); Vow (Own no more than what can be carried).

Perks: Huge Subjects (Major Healing)

Quirks: Full of parables about Saint-in-Waiting Buyya Duad.

Skills: Axe/Mace-13; Climbing-10; Diagnosis-11; Exorcism-12; First Aid-15; Gesture-13; Innate Attack (Beam)-12; Poisons-12; Religious Ritual (Good God)-12; Riding (Equines)-10; Search-12; Stealth-10; Surgery-10; Survival (Jungle)-12; Swimming-12; Theology (Good God)-12; Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace)-12; Wrestling-11.

Spells: (15 unless otherwise noted) Awaken; Cleansing; Command; Continual Light; Detect Poison; Final Rest; Great Healing-14; Healing Slumber; Major Healing; Minor Healing; Neutralize Poison; Recover Energy-16; Relieve Madness; Remove Contagion; Resist Fire; Resist Lightning; Resist Poison; Restoration-14; Stone to Flesh; Stop Bleeding; Stop Paralysis; Sunbolt; Suspended Animation; Test Food; Truthsayer.

Gear: Backpack, Small; Blanket; First Aid Kit; High Holy Symbol; Iron Spike (x4); Leather Armor Suit; Ordinary Clothes; Paut (x4); Personal Basics; Potion Belt; Rations (x3); Sandals; Staff of Healing; Surgical Instruments; Wand of Holding; Wineskin w/gallon of water.

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