Thursday, February 18, 2021

Pyramid 4/3 - Sci-Fi/Tech I

This is a quick look at Pyramid 4/3 - Sci-Fi/Tech I.

I won't go through this article by article like I did for fantasy. Instead, I'm going to highlight a few articles I really enjoyed.

Putting the Science in Your Fiction

Sean Punch's article is a useful one. It's a mechnical setup for using science skills in game. Want your scientists to gather data, formulate an hypothesis, test it, and save the day (or assist in the mission) and have it come with rules for doing so? This is the article for that. It's a good set of rules - easy to understand, very straightforward, and they look versatile. I like having the ability to break down an in-game ask (or an in-game challenge) into some die rolls that aren't just a simple "Roll Biology -5 to solve this" handwave or GM decision.

The Divine Pacific Republic of Datastan

Matt Riggsby wrote up a data haven as an adventuring location. I could see using this - even if only the maps and room descriptions - in a sci-fi game or maybe in a James Bond style game. Good, solid, immediately ready for use stuff.

Space Zombies!

Do I even have to explain why? Spoiler alert - It has space zombies!

Reign of Action

As cool as Reign of Steel sounds, I don't think I'd run a game of it or play in it. But then if you Action! it up, well, I'm probably in. Roger Burton West wrote this one.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Because Deathball was only the beginning. Sean has helpful rules-specific ways to get more death sports into your future!

Overall, the issue is good - and those articles above really stood out to me.

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