Saturday, April 17, 2021

Felltower tomorrow

Tomorrow is another game of Felltower.

At the moment, it seems like a small-ish crew, as we've only heard about five players.

I had to shoot down one really good idea - the Jester Gate. It's going to be session 150 of our game, and that would be a fun destination to head to. Sadly, though, you can't decide to go to a gate less than 24 hours before going. It's one of my rules. I can keep almost everything prepped and ready, but I don't have unlimited time to spend on my game prep. So I can't make sure that all destinations you can ever reach - especially gates - are ready, with minis prepped and out to show off, icons made (which I may or may never need, depending on people going or not), maps drawn in Roll20, writing on the gate destination reviewed, etc. It's just a bit too much these days. When I started the game, sure, I had more free time. These days, not at all.

Other than that, it's not really settled. There is some chatter about Swampsedge, but based on my skimming of the emails I think it's An Underwear Gnomic Plan:

1) Go to Swampsedge.
2) Somehow, a demon with ichor they can use as unholy water or carrying unholy water just shows up and they can kill it and go for Sakatha's sanctum.
3) Profit!

(PS - Always hit "publish" - this has been sitting unpublished since yesterday, when today was in fact tomorrow. Oh well.)

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