Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday Links 7/9/2021

- Let's talk megadungeons.

Bat in the Attic and Blood of Prokopius both have posts about them on their blogs that are worth reading.

My own dungeon is very, very minimal because I know what it looks like in my own head. This goes back to the Other People's Megadungeons problem.

- I got some helpful feedback on my post about remoting people in to an in-person gaming session. The post is here.

- We moved game day to 7/18. Attendence issues. It'll probably be A2.

Sorry to be brief tonight - so, so much to do and no time to do it all.


  1. As it happens, Justin Alexander was writing about resting in the dungeon (and calling out the megadungeon too) this week:

    1. I've never understood why GMs would treat "resting in a dungeon" any differently than resting in the wilderness (or in a civilized space with hostiles).

      Do the wilds stop being the wilds just because the PCs are taking a nap? No. Then why would the dungeon take a pause just because the PCs are taking a break?

      Regardless the Alexandrian's notes are good for GMs who've fallen into the "module dungeon" trap (I've long suspected it was because modules are 'fire and forget' and don't often contain advice for "what happens if", many GMs don't think about it either).


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