Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Any experience with mixed-mode/virtual+in-person gaming?

Since March 2020, all of my games have been hosted online, using a VTT and Zoom, for the most part.

It's possible, though, that we may dip a toe back into face-to-face gaming.

A couple of our players simply cannot do that. They'll need to stay virtual, even if the rest of us get to sit around a table and play instead of sitting at our respective desks at home.

So, a simple ask here - does anyone have any experience with remoting-in a player? Ideally without any special equipment besides just pointing a laptop or tablet in the correct general direction? Any articles on the subject that shine a light on the practical experiences of people who have done it?

Thanks in advance!


  1. In our last Call of Cthulhu game (second half of the Egypt chapter in our ongoing Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign) one our players wasn't in the country so she had to log in through Skype. We only used audio.

    At first I was a little worried but it actually worked out just fine. It definitely took more effort on her part to stay engaged for such a long session without actually being present, though.

  2. I have had about 3 mixed sessions. I use Zoom and not a VTT. We used minis and a hex map, but it requires one of the in person players to use their phone as a battle camera.

    Last time we set the phone on a stand, which worked o.k. An issue might be sound feedback, but I had a mixer with 3 mics (one for me and 2 for the in person pcs) so that wasn't an issue. I'd also advise good speakers so everyone can hear the online players. The GM also has to be more deliberate in making sure everyone is heard and involved.

  3. I tried it once or twice, and it always seemed like the people on the distant end were a step behind, they just weren't in the same tempo as the people at the table, which meant they didn't enjoy it as much. I really settled into not mixing the two.

  4. I have done it using a VTT and speakerphone, and with people physically present also using laptops so that everyone is working with the same information. I may have also projected the VTT on a TV for the laptop-impaired.

    It worked well enough, but the DM does need to make an effort to make sure those calling in get a fair shake.


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