Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Reaper Bones 4 - Sell or Keep?

I mentioned that I received my Bones 4 set.

I'm not sure I need it. I haven't been painting minis. I don't strictly need anything in that box. Some of it would be nice, but I don't need it.

To make my money back, I'd need to recoup ~$110. So I'd need to sell it for $125 on eBay, plus shipping, so after eBay fees and the time it takes to ship that I won't be behind and might be a little ahead. I'll dig up an exact price if any of my gamers wants it, as I can sell it to them for cash and just zero out the cost since it won't take any actual effort.

I'm eyeing the ones for sale right now so I can see how much they sell for.

I'm still undecided . . . but I'm leaning towards selling it. I don't need this stuff, no matter how much I wanted it when it first came up for sale.

I might still change my mind. I'm still deciding.

But I think if I could choose again to back it or not, I'd go with not. I guess I'm moving beyond an endless desire for cool new minis to add to my stockpile.

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