Tuesday, July 20, 2021

GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge - that was fun

The GURPS PDF challenge successfully unlocked all of the books.

I've seen a number of them - the authors did some exchanges so we can read each other's. There aren't any that I'm not looking forward to seeing in final production version.

But there are a couple I'm really looking forward to.

All of the DF books can be useful to me.

Ring Fort? Thanks Doug, I probably will need to drop a ring fort down somewhere and now I'll have one.

Two-page dungeons? I like them and I'd run them. I told Matt so when I first saw the book. I don't know when I'll need them but they might be useful drop-ins for Felltower.

Gates? I wrote it.

Twists? I didn't see this one - Sean usually doesn't post stuff up for peer review when it's a short production item and doesn't need spot-checking. Sean is covering some ground here that I'm interested in seeing covered but wasn't interested in writing myself - land, titles, and high-tech. I'm really looking forward to that.

The Action adventure by Shawn Fisher is good. I read it and I liked it. It's fun stuff and has exploooooooooooooooosions! If you play it right, it will, so do that.

And Matt and I can't do Renaissance Orcish Underwater Ninjas without his work on Venice, so I should probably read that whole book ASAP.

Everything else I looked at is, at the very least, interesting and worth the time to read.

Overall, I'm excited to get the books. DF23 will be my first read, after DF22 gets a glance to see if anything changed from just-pre-release to release.


  1. "Twists? I didn't see this one" - Well, of course not. That's how it is with well-written twists. :p

  2. For me, Action 8 comes first, but then I'm the GURPS Action line fanboy. After the DF books and the adventures.

    Venice will get put with Venice and be read if I ever feel I need Venicey stuff. Or if I think I need some medieval flavored spy stuff. Or just have nothing better to read because Riggsby always nails it.

  3. As with you, there are none of these I'm not looking forward to, but if I had to pick one, I think it'd be Shawn Fisher's adventure. That's a criminally neglected time period and genre.

    Also, I think mine are better this time around. The two I had last time were maybe a little rushed, but I feel good about these, and anybody who missed the Kickstarter can suck it I mean should really get in on the next opportunity that comes up to get them.


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