Saturday, July 10, 2021

GURPS 2021 PDF challenge - combat advice?

I just wanted to highlight this $5 add-on mentioned in the PDF challenge:

I'm really interested very hard, GURPS-specific advice on combat. But I'm also certain that Sean's general advice on the subject will be good. Having both - general advice and GURPS-specific examples - might be something I can get a lot of mileage out of. Maybe not - I've been GMing GURPS combat since all we had was the combat system (aka Man-to-Man.) But given that it's Sean, the odds are extremely high that I'll get far more than $5 of value out of it. I'm the most excited for this out of all of the PDFs other than my own (I like seeing my words in print.)

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  1. Yeah, I bumped up to the 8$ step as well, because like you I've been GMing since before forever (1988 for me, so 3e) so whil eit's pretty unlikely I'll find anything really new... i do still occasionally stumble over stuff that;s in the "we've been doing it this way since before Mr. Punch took over" and now either it's been changed, or (sometimes) we were just doing it 'wrong' the whole dang time...

    The last thing I discovered was healing spells being fully penalized if cast on yourself - we never did that and I either never noticed the rule or ignored it because //we didn't do that// (I also didn't run fantasy until DF, I preferred to run CPunk, Post-Apoc, and Star Wars with my few forays into Fantasy not using vanilla magic because I've never liked Skills as Powers).


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