Friday, July 30, 2021

Links & Thoughts for 7/30/2021

Random stuff for Friday!

- Know anything about Naruto and GURPS? One of the commenters on my previous post would like some help.

- I blame and credit this game series for my interest in, and knowledge of, the Sengokujidai. Even that I know the warring states period as "Sengokujidai" and learned words like "jidai" long before I even knew "konnichiwa." Arigatou Koei-san-tachi!

- Next time I play a historical game, I want to involve Rome. This series, and this post especially, will be really useful - The Color of Purple. Not a terrible shock to my adult self, Rome was a heterogenous mix of people even before it turned into an even more heterogenous mix after conquering basically everyone they met and incorporating them as citizens (eventually.)

- Once again we're having trouble getting a proper group together, so we may play on Sunday but it's unlikely to be AD&D. It's possibly going to be alternate PCs for a squad delving into Felltower. The question is who and what - and at least one player has no extra PCs. We'll see if we're playing at all, after all.

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