Tuesday, July 13, 2021

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 22: Gates is next!

It's only going to take an easy $27,500 to get DF22 unlocked.

And the campaign is already nearing 1500 backers and is over $22,500. I think it should get to a full unlock, but it's nice to not have so long to wait to know mine will get out there.


  1. This is the one I'm waiting for! I'd be surprised if it wasn't unlocked by tomorrow morning.

  2. Definitely gonna see DF 22 unlocked, but I doubt Action Adventure will be. It's something I said to Doug when he ran his last KS, "Throwing extra money at a project is something the current backers can 'easily' do, throwing more backers at is not."

    But then I'm not the one in charge and I don't have the numbers to draw from. Maybe they'll pick up the extra 100 Backers a day that's needed.

    1. Well, I'm officially impressed. The managed to get 100+ backers a day for the last four days.

      I'll never doubt them again.

  3. It seems $28k has been exceeded, but SJG hasn't updated the KS page yet.

  4. Woohoo! KS page just ticked over to 2k backers exactly :-)


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