Sunday, October 16, 2022

Felltower next week

We orginally planned on Felltower today . . . but issues intervened and made it impossible for me to run game. So we pushed it off for next week.

This has given my players a bit more time to think about how their imprisonment and torture at the hands of the so-called Gith affected their PCs. I have had some questions and requests so far. They're still up in the air, but a few of the PCs are likely to be a bit . . . changed . . . by their time.

I still regard this as a positive thing - they surrendered, and lost a bit of stuff, but didn't lose everything nor their lives. The ones that don't want their PC changed don't need to make any changes - they can come through unscathed, just a bit poorer. The ones who want to have a PC a little scarred by their experience, can. It's an opportunity, not a punishment.

And I am really looking forward to what they do.

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