Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Additional notes from Felltower

A few notes on last session:

- I like our XP system, but it does sometimes seem a little unfair to new PCs that they can't get XP without going deeper. On the other hand, too bad. Suck it, newbies.

- I couldn't coax anyone into using the teleport room, despite proven history showing it's fun. Lethal, yes, but fun.

- We had a long run of purely human parties, or very nearly so. Now we're down to one human and a lot of non-humans.

- We were discussing how a bard might fare in Felltower, and it sparked a rule idea. I'll get that up another day.

- Finally, we do really need to update the maps. I'll need to talk to Vic and see if he can update the ones we have so I can upload them.

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