Monday, October 31, 2022

GURPS Conan - Queen of the Black Coast playthrough - Session 1

I finally had a bit of time to play GURPS Conan - Queen of the Black Coast. Here is my session 0 post.

Crew Stats:

5 Subchiefs
80 Crew

Crew Morale Rating 0

No Plot Words yet

Current Time: Afternoon

We start out on the Tigress, sailing around, with some backstory in case you haven't read the original story.

Just like in the books, the Tigress is badly depleted and laden with loot, yet Belit wants more and wants to sack a lost cursed city of the Ancients. My first choice is wether to protest the depleted nature of the crew, or endore Belit's idea. Young Conans in love don't question, they follow. I endorse her idea fully!

The jungle river is spooky and silent. The current time is now Afternoon . . . which is where it started.

I have to do a couple time-and-morale dependent page flips. The I need to roll 1d. 2. Flip to entry 7.

I'm on lookout duty. I have Danger Sense so I get an IQ roll. I roll an 8, and make it. Not critically, so I flip to 153.

I turn just as a giant river serpent looms over the bow! Time to break out a combat map of the ship. The serpent will try to grab a crewman and eat him. The adventure doesn't give any suggestions or rulings on where the other 89 people are - just Conan. I'm actually better off just making it fight Conan one on one but that's not the description, so I'll put a subchief (I need one for each group) and a half-dozen crewman near the serpent and fight it out from there.

Turn 1: Conan Moves up to the edge of the boat; this is two hexes away.
The serpent is tied with the warriors, so it moves to the edge of the boat and attacks one. It has DX 13 and I roll a 10 - a hit! The crewman has to try to Dodge. They have Dodge 5 and have Shields, but nothing says what kind of shield (seriously - they have a table entry but no equipment list). Conan has a large shield, so it seems reasonable that they do, too. So PD 4. I roll an 8, so the serpent hits the shield but its 1d damage won't penetrate.
The crewman can fight back with his Spear-12. I roll an 11. The serpent can Dodge with 6, +1 for PD . . . and I roll a 6!

Turn 2: Conan attacks the serpent with his sword (which is listed as doing 1+3 cutting, 3+1 impaling, and yet hasn't been errata'd. Tsk, tsk.) Conan has Broadsword-18 and so I aim at the Skull Brain (-7) for an 11. I roll a 5 and hit. The serpent rolls a 16 fails to Dodge. Damage is 11+1 = 12 cutting. The serpent has 0 DR, 2 for skull, so 12 - 2 = 10 x 4 = 40. It had HT 20 and goes to -20 HP and is knocked out automatically (3e rules.)

Having beaten the snake with no casualties, we get a +2 Morale (Crew Morale now 2) and Conan gets a +1 to reactions from the crew.

The time advances to Evening.

More time-and-morale based page flips, and a die roll - a 6.

We see some large glowing eyes of a sickly purplish hue. I can laugh it off, shoot at it, ignore the eyes, or bring the ship in closer. I attack!
I have a -12. Okay, that's a lot. I can aim, shoot without aiming, or decide not to shoot. I have a 17 skill, so that's a 5, 7 with aim, 10 if I take the max time. May as well aim. I do, and I shoot, rolling an 8. A hit and a page flip.

The weird thing turns out to be a wolf-like thing, which screams and falls dead into the river from a vitals hit. I have to roll 1d. On a 1-2, +1 to Crew Morale. 5. Oh well. Hard guys to impress. Anyway it falls into the river and tentacles seize it and rip it "asunder." -2 to morale! Easy come, easy go.
Crew Morale is 0 again.

Current time becomes Night.

More morale and time page flips, and a die roll. A 6. But I need to stop now, at entry 175. I'll pick it up from there tomorrow (if I have time.)


Fun so far. I'm not sure why there are no stats for the spearmen. I hope I'm not missing an insert.


  1. Does Conan have the same stats in this module? It sounds like it, or at least the same general ranks based on Broadsword-18. I ask because you say "young conan" here and in the previous adventure he was fairly old and experienced (my impression from some written clue). Does it feel right that he is still as pumped up as he will be after many adventures as he was in the previous Pict problem?

    1. He's not quite as strong or skilled overall as he was in Beyond Thunder River. He's more broadly capable, though, with more advantages and skills thanks to the edition differences and some chargen decisions.

  2. Not sure if that should be endorse or adore. Both work!


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