Monday, May 29, 2023

What DF guy would I run?

Since we're considering Vic running some game sessions, I've started to think about what kind of guy I'd run.

My tastes tend towards vanilla human fighter types. Hammers in a world of things that need hammering. I've very direct and while I prefer non-violent solutions to problems, if I resort to violence I want to be assured I've brought the most to the fight.

I tend to shy away from complex builds. So clerics, druids, and wizards, while I like them, are probably not what I want to run.

I'm leaning one of two ways:


Martial Artist

The scout would still bring a lot of violence to the table, but it would let me hang back from the front line a bit. That could be an interesting way to play. Plus I don't fear the Galen factor - my guy won't ever have to play second fiddle to Galen.

The martial artist would be interesting because of the special abilities - Light Walk, Body Control, powers like Spider Climb and Uninterrupted Fury* . . . seems like it could be a lot of fun.

I'm leaning towards a scout. Likely human, although, if we're using DF Felltower races, an elf or half-orc could be a productive character. I'll have to noodle around and figure out what I want to run. Sadly, my PC doesn't seem to want to play nice with GCA4 anymore, and I'm not fluent in GCA5 yet, so I might just - gasp! - do it on paper.

* Which, in DF Felltower, will run as normal even with the changes to Great Haste.

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  1. Both are very cool. Haven't seen a martial artist in a while. Uninterrupted Flurry is great and Throwing Art with hatchets can be quire powerful. Scouts rock also.


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