Friday, May 26, 2023

Random Thoughts & Links for 5/26/2023

Random stuff for a Friday.

- I'm going to be randomly crushingly busy for a month or so. I should keep up a reasonable posting frequency, but I may miss a day here or there with no warning. Aside from this warning.

- Zenopus Archives has an excellent look at Russ Nicholson's artwork.

- Grognardia talks Space: 1889. I love this setting, and I'd happily run a game in it.

I had a lot of Space:1889 minis, actually, but I think I sold off those boxed sets when I realized I'd probably never get to play a game with them.

- Spelljammer happened after I stopped playing AD&D, but I'll admit it is an interesting idea. Here is a look at the tactical considerations that the setting brings up.

- I backed Doug's Kickstarter.

I went print and PDF, even though I really only need PDF. I like to browse magic items and monsters in print even if I don't need to do so.

- Still playing Planescape: Tormemt (Enhanced Edition). Still fun. Still evil. I'm choosing most of the wreck the world options when given them, but basically I just get evil by asking to get paid to do things and talking about chaos. I get the talking thing - it's Planescape, and belief shapes reality - but being mercenary and greedy doesn't seem that evil. At least there is no squick factor here!

- Dreams in the Lichhouse is posting again. His Black City campaign was awesome, so let's see how his Greyhawk game goes.

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