Sunday, May 28, 2023

Wither Felltower?

Most of the PCs available to play in Felltower and the Brotherhood Complex are dead. The most recent guys are largely burned to cinders, acid'd to jelly, and the remainder eaten by gnolls.

We've got a handful of guys - Galen and Low-Key, run by the same guy, Kel, run by Kaylee's player, and Belmek. That's about it for currently participating players.

So what next?

Vic and I have been discussing some options. One of them is a side campaign, run by Vic, which may have a connection to Felltower. Essentially he'd run a campaign for new PCs, and we'd port them over to Felltower via a gate and go from there. Or just set it in some corner of the same world and have them come to Felltower. PCs would need to be compatible with Felltower during the switchover. There is a lot of work to do on something like this, but it would give me a chance to play, give the PCs a chance to level up a bit, and might be a good change of pace. More on this if we choose to do it.

Another is an entirely unrelated campaign until I have the spare time to get Felltower ready, and for the dungeon to have lain fallow long enough to plausibly gotten some monsters and treasures back. We could alternate over to the other game whenever it's a better match for our player mix and my busy-ness level.

The first is more likely at the moment. But we're considering them both.

And for Memorial Day, I've updated the graveyard. RIP guys.


  1. You can also start new (part of) campaign a year, ten years or even a hundred years later, so upper levels of Felltower get fully repopulated by new monsters, maybe political and economical situation in Stericksburg get changed and even some rules can change as well :) And the deeds of the previous parties can became rumors and legends.
    I am not sure, though, will it require more or less prep.

    1. The comment about the spare time needed to restock Felltower is relevant here. I just don't have a lot of time to spend getting ready, or GMing, at the moment. It's a real-life time crunch.

      One of my players, Marshall, suggested the same thing - just advance time 100 years or so and restock and leave all the old PCs as legendary types from back in the day. It's not a bad idea (although maybe a little unfair to the guys who have existing PCs), but it's something that would require a big time commitment. Especially compared to, "Vic, you GM for a while!"

    2. You can both let someone to GM for a while and advance timeline. Maybe 10 years will be enough for monsters to re-settle the dungeon, and for living PCs (especially for non-humans - there are one elf, one half-elf and one dwarf) 10 years is not that much time to spend. Also this timelapse can explain some inconsistences in descriptions of your settting by the other GM.

    3. You're right, I can do both. But advancing the timeline takes additional work. I may decide to do it . . . but it's not actually an easier path to restocking than just straight-up restocking is. It's easier to believe, and adds verisimilitude. That's why I might do it, but it would be more work to do it right. I'm not sure how much of that work I'll have time to get done. We'll have to see.


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