Monday, May 26, 2014

Felltower today - this is just a teaser

Usually my Felltower game is run on Sundays, but today is a holiday and yesterday was a day with some family plans. So we'll be gaming today.

Keep an eye out tonight for a summary tonight, featuring:

- a first-time GURPS Dungeon Fantasy player (although long-time gamer and friend of mine)

- our first gnome PC (so we'll see what they're like)

- our first Artificer

We'll see how it works out. I've never GMed for a guy with Quick Gadgeteer, so hopefully my reflexive "no!" reactions can be tempered to let him leverage the full value of that 50 point investment. I'm curious how he'll MacGuyver his way through some of the obstacles in front of the group. They won't have the wizard there, due to work, so they won't have any synergistic effects this first time.

Oh, and my Heavier Crossbow rules mean if the gnome hits with his crossbow, bad things will happen to the target . . .

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