Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Do you like posts about gladiators?

I had some time yesterday between studying, working, and prep for work. So I started to speed-paint some gladiators. I went into one of the Plano tacklebox inserts I use for storing minis to retrieve this old AD&D wizard mini I thought would be good for Melchior the Malevolent (I was wrong, sadly). While I was there I saw all of these Foundry gladiators and said, okay, I'll paint the Retarius.

Then I said, screw it, I'll paint them all as a set.

Here is how far I got:

The skin is a mix of Vallejo "Bronzed Flesh" and Plaid "Flesh" but it's a bit yellowish for me. I'll figure out how to fix that.

Gladiators 001 photo Gladiators002_zpsb563c2cf.jpg

Gladiators 002 photo Gladiators001_zps7d8e5d79.jpg

I have no idea when I'll use that slave dragging off a fallen gladiator mini, either, but I'm a sucker for that kind of figure. Plus Foundry puts out minis in packs - this one is GLAD 1/6 Spirited Underdogs, and I wanted the rest of them. Not for any particular use, really, although years later I went and co-wrote a book about gladiators.

These guys are cool but they're more like true-scaled instead of Reaper "Heroic Scale" so everyone makes them look a bit small.

I have some non-minis posts in the works, but I was suddenly crushed by a lot of unexpected work, so you'll have to wait on those and just bask in the bronzed beefcake of those minis!

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