Saturday, May 10, 2014

Painted Village Rioter: Need any witches burned?

Yesterday I had a little time in the morning, and more in the evening. So in two blocks of time, I took this mini from this:

to this:

 photo Peasant01_zps652aec81.jpg

 photo Peasant02_zpsad0f25ef.jpg

All he needs now is a coating of Quickshade to seal the paint on and give it a little bit of depth to the color, then some spray seal. I'm impressed with the cost-per-oz and matte finish of the Army Painter matte sealer, too.

He took maybe an hour total of actual painting. I base-coated him, then edged everything in black (kind of a reverse approach), then re-did the base coat, then detailed him. My goal was "quick" and "done in one day." So he's not perfect, but I could pour hours of work into him but I'd only make him a little bit better. All of the paint is craft paint, and I almost exclusively used that badly, badly used W&N Series 7 brush I keep saying I'll throw out, but don't. I'll repeat - please come over, find it, and throw it out so I have to use the new and better W&N Series 7 I bought to replace it.

I said almost exclusively - yeah. The black of the eyes is done with a toothpick. I actually do a lot of painting with toothpicks.

Some notes:

- I should find a way to remove mold lines from thin things like the tines of the pitchfork. It's hard to do it with a heavy x-acto knife and it's impossible with a file.

- My approach to fire works better most of the time. This time it's a little too . . . tri-toned. Yellow, then orange, then red. It's usually a bit better. But no re-paints, I have a lot of Bones left and more on the way. I want to try this method that Jen the Mini Painter shared, too.

- I need to stat this guy up. Torchbearer? Laborer? Guard, with Spear, and maybe I Have Hidden Lore (Witches) as a Delusion? Hmm . . .

- I also painted up - ahem - more than 25 minis this week. Either finished, or coated, or start-to-end finished. I have a few in process, as well.

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