Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New D&D Starter Set - Yeah, I Might Get It

Everyone is talking about it, and so will I.

D&D 5th edition is set for release:

I think for around $16 on Amazon.com (which is where I linked to it, above), I'm probably going to get it. I may not run it, but I'll have a better idea of how the game runs and I'll have a Rosetta Stone for understanding stuff written for it. Plus, it's something I may be able to pass on to someone else for actual use.

I haven't decided yet, but it looks interesting and the price is right.


  1. "I may not run it, but I'll have a better idea of how the game runs and I'll have a Rosetta Stone for understanding stuff written for it."

    That's pretty much what I just wrote on Google+. I hope that it is good, despite expecting that I will stick to older editions, their clones, and the derivatives built on these clones. But I hope to understand the language of contemporary D&D.

  2. For what you have in mind it probably is enough.
    Most of my group don't think too well about it, considering that without the Players Handbook (too be released later and more than 3x as expensive - a problem for those not earning their own money yet) we are very limited on our characters.

    After having all the other system with lots of customization for your PC: Getting back to pre-generated character out of this starter set is a setback.

  3. As someone who's been playing in the playtest I think I will pass on this but it doesn't sound like a bad pickup based on your requirements, Peter. Unless of course the Exploration Age campaign over at www.worIdbuilderblog.me starts with the drop of the teaser and not the full set of books. Who knows?!

  4. Unless this is the first 5e D&D box while the 5e AD&D books are coming with a completely different set of rules.... ;-)

    1. The days of needing to keep a D&D in print to satisfy that Arneson/Gygax lawsuit yet want a line free of royalties to Arneson are over, I think. No more Advanced D&D. :)

  5. Yeah, I'm not really interested in 5E, but I might buy just the starter set so my group can give it a try. Might also be handy for introducing people to RPGs.

  6. That's a good idea, but unless there's a seismic shift in 5e akin to the difference between 2e and 3e, I'll probably just use pregen characters for Pathfinder. I am curious to see what they did though.

  7. I wanted 5th to have a very rules-lite core and I think the starter set is that. If it is missing things I'll plug the holes in the boat with house rules and stuff from previous editions or retro-clones. I think that would be fun to come up with that stuff actually, but I'm a chronic rules tinkerer.

  8. I got the free download version from their website. I like most of what I see in it, and have been pillaging it for ideas (including what things to drop/merge to yield my skill list and the idea of giving everyone a Background for free with minor in-game effects).


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