Friday, May 16, 2014

More Painting

Over the past few days, I have had time to do almost no writing and little painting. I did, however, take advantage of a nice day to do some spray-sealing and some Quickshade dipping.

I have:

- repeatedly watched this video on using a color wheel. I'm still bad at this, but at least now I have some idea of how to match up colors on a figure to draw out details. I'm no expert - that's my sister, the professional artist - but I am beginning to learn.

- repainted three Pathfinder pre-paints. They started life as some aquatic critters but I re-painted them as undead, because I am never fully stocked up on zombies and ghouls.

- I finished all of my Reaper Bones terrain pieces.

- finished some Reaper Bones vermin. Nothing exciting, really, just next time I need to actually put a beetle mini down I have one. I'm sure I spend 1,000 times more time painting them than it'll take to kill both of them. Speaking of vermin, I'd never use this mini but I'd love to have a painted version of one.

- re-finished an old, old, old mini of a cleric with a cross and mace. He's, uhm, Archiv or Heritage. I didn't paint him, but I did clip his cross into a better crucifix shape and re-finish him.

- I did Anval Thrice-dammed, because he looked easy to paint. He was. Not sure when I need a guy with no shirt but plate armor on his legs and a comically oversized axe, but I have one. I'll find a use for him, I'm sure, but mostly I painted him because he was like 3 colors and 3 shades and 1 dip. Done, done. And done!

- I did some work on some monster figures.

- I finished my Reaper Bones orcs, including a modified one. Big surprise to my players, I'm sure - I have even more orc minis. Galen Longtread finishes them off faster than I can dip and seal them, though.

- I finished Farmer Gam, Witchhunter.

- I also did my first Pathfinder goblin and I'm satisfied with the results. Others will follow, because I love those guys for all the same reasons I imagine the Paizo guys love them. Lots and lots of personality.

- I finished another 5-6 minis of various types.

All together, I either slapped paint on or finished about 50 minis over the past two weeks, over half in spurts over the last week. That doesn't make a dent in my collection, really, but it does some upcoming encounters in my DF game will have minis instead of counters, which adds a lot of fun to the fights. Both my players and I seem to get a lot more fun out of well-painted (pronounced "well, they're painted") minis to spice them up. Also, I'm now ready for when someone says "My character concept is a shirtless guy with plate pants and a big axe."

Apropos painting minis, I'd like to find a cheaper alternative to quickshade. Is there a wood varnish that's functionally the same as, say, Quickshade soft tone?

By request, a picture.

 photo Minis028s_zpsb42ace57.jpg

Left to right, Anval, that cleric I mentioned, and a Pathfinder goblin still waiting for finishing sealant.


  1. What, no pictures? I think its a blogger law, if you talk about minis that you painted that post is required to have photos. I don't want to report you to the blogger police, so see if you can throw up a few pictures. Farmer Gam may have a civil case pending against you also. May it right Peter, before it's too late!

    1. I'll see what I can put up retroactively tomorrow. Maybe I can get a good shot of that goblin, but the storms swept in and he's still all shiny - I can only spray-seal outdoors.

    2. That's more like it. I will call off the miniature police.

      Cool minis. I really like the goblin dude.


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