Saturday, May 31, 2014

A GURPS 3e Giant Two-Headed Troll

Apropos the giant two-headed troll picture from yesterday, I found this in my conversion of UK3 The Gauntlet.

Stuff granted by the evil gauntlet are in italics.

Cell 4 - The Gauntlet worn by a 10' Giant Two-Headed Troll.

ST 30 (3/5+2) DX 13 IQ 9 [Special] HT 20/34 Speed 8.25 Move 16 Dodge 9
PD 1 DR 3 (Left Hand and wrist) PD 5 DR 11 - attacks to the arm have a 2 in 6 chance of hitting the Gauntlet.
Combat Reflexes, Ambidexterity, Full Coordination/3, Two Heads, Dark Vision, Immune to Mind Control spells, Regenerates 4 Hits/second (no regrowth), +9 HT to resist cripples (effective 29!), Hard to Kill +4 (24 HT vs. Death), High Pain Threshold, Missile Shield-20 (always on), Panic-20 (twice per day: ), 5x damage to structures for 1 minute, 3x per day: ), Loyalty-20 on touch to any malign creature.


Right Handed Claw: 3d cut C,1,2 Parry 10
Left Handed Punch: 3d+3 cr C,1,2 Will not Parry with the Gauntlet.
+ 1d6 Shocking Touch-20
Bite (x2) 3d cut C,1

If the Sentinel and Gauntlet are touched together, the troll will be immediately Annihilated, leaving only a black smudge on the floor. The four gems on the back of the Gauntlet will be lying in the smudge, and the Sentinel Bearer will be left wearing the ring.


The players of Vryce and Dryst and Borriz fought that guy with Crestlin, Baajikiil, and Boris, respectively.

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